800 E Denny Way


Owner: Kamiak Real Estate
Property Manager: Kamiak Real Estate
Project Manager: Justin Merriman
General Contractor: Constantine Builders
Design Partner: Workshop AD


When building an urban infill apartment building on a small site, with large exposures that provide sweeping views of Seattle, building performance is critical. When that building is perched on top of Capitol Hill in Seattle, the integration of design and performance is the only way for the project to be a success.

Certa Building Solutions was invited to be a part of this project as the Architect for the building’s enclosure, translating the aesthetic vision generated by Workshop AD into custom detailing for this seven-story, 6 over 1 wood-framed structure. With brick cladding, punched openings, and an expectation of tight details, and cleaner lines, our design team not only understands the nuances of standard enclosure design but how the challenges of this building type could potentially impact those details.

With completion expected for early 2022, Certa is excited to be a part of this team and continue our relationships with Kamiak Real Estate and Workshop AD.