Gables at Saratoga Springs


Category: Assessment
Gables at Saratoga Springs: Homeowners’ Association


Located south of Salt Lake City, Gables at Saratoga Springs is a 146-unit townhome community near the picturesque Utah Lake. These newly constructed homes are having significant performance issues that include systemic failure of the stucco cladding and exterior waterproofing systems. In addition, extensive ground settlement is affecting structural columns, concrete flatwork, and other site elements. Certa Building Solutions served as the coordinating professional and lead expert for recovery. In this role, the Certa team led the multi-disciplinary team of engineers and building experts to evaluate these broad failures and develop appropriate repair strategies.

Leveraging our expertise in delivering large, complicated projects, Certa developed a comprehensive data tracking system to manage the large volume of data needed to support the Association throughout the process and clearly communicate the issues present. Certa remains involved with the Association in the next phases of developing and implementing a comprehensive rehabilitation program.