Kings Hill Condominiums


Category: Rehabilitation
Owner: Kings Hill Condominiums HOA
General Contractor: I&E Construction


Kings Hill is a historic building that was constructed in 1908. It is a four-story courtyard style structure located in the Goose Hollow neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. Certa was hired by the Home Owners Association to provide architectural services associated with repairing damages to the wood structure and replacing the cladding and roofing materials with modern durable systems, while retaining the historic appearance of the exterior facade.

Certa collaborated with the Association over a total duration of three years to evaluate the condition of the building, develop the scope of repair, obtain bids from qualified contractors, identify value engineering options, produce design documents, obtain permits, and provide construction oversight. Certa navigated an extensive and meticulous design review process to meet the historic requirements associated with this project. The exterior walls were insulated, provided with a continuous air barrier system, and clad with a durable water-managed stucco system that will be maintainable indefinitely. All roofing surfaces were replaced with quality systems that incorporate watertight detailing. By the end of the project, the Kings Hill building was transformed in both aesthetic and function, and was provided with renewed value for decades to come.