Macadam Village Condominiums


Category: Rehabilitation
Owner: Macadam Village Association of Unit Owners
Owner’s Representative: Community Management, Inc.
General Contractor: Summit Reconstruction


Macadam Village is located in the historic John’s Landing neighborhood in South Portland. These iconic buildings bookend the south end of this charming neighborhood and were part of architecturally significant development in the late 1990s that included a grocery store, shopping center, and modern apartments.

Immediately upon completion in 1997, the buildings experienced building envelope failures and the eight buildings that now make up Macadam Village were sold to a developer who replaced the siding and windows and sold them as condominiums. Unfortunately, the repairs performed by the developer did not resolve the water ingress issues and the Association was faced with the need to perform immediate repairs that depleted their reserve funding. For many years the Association attempted corrective action in a targeted nature; however, performance issues persisted.

Faced with escalating costs and endless repair cycles, the Association engaged the Certa team to develop a holistic repair solution that included a new water managed cladding system, new air-barrier system and windows to improve thermal comfort and reduce noise from automobile traffic, and new roof-grade balcony and walkway waterproofing surfaces to reduce long-term maintenance costs. In addition, Certa developed design and aesthetic modifications to the buildings to improve aesthetics, durability, and functionality.

Scheduled for completion in the Spring of 2022, Macadam Village Condominiums will once again regain its status as an architecturally significant development in John’s Landing.