Mado House


Category: Rehabilitation
Mado House HOA: Home Owners Association
JR Johnson Construction: Rehabilitation Contractor


Mado House Condominium is a 4-unit condominium complex consisting of two buildings in Northeast Portland. The complex boasts a modern design, with large roof-top terraces and a panelized cladding system. The community experienced significant water intrusion issues from failures of the rooftop terrace waterproofing and flashing deficiencies at the vertical walls. These issues had persisted from the building’s original construction. Certa was originally engaged to perform failure analysis of the envelope assemblies and to assist the HOA with recovery.

In the winter of 2017 Certa was further engaged by the HOA to develop a targeted repair scope that dealt with the waterproofing inadequacies for a precisely executed repair. The project was completed in May of 2018 and the Owners have expressed elation and relief with the outcome.