Oswego Bay Condominiums


Category: Rehabilitation
AUO of Oswego Bay Condo. Inc: Home Owners Association
CA Partners: Community Manager
Summit Reconstruction: Rehabilitation General Contractor


Oswego Bay Condominiums is a 54-unit complex located minutes from beautiful downtown Lake Oswego in Oregon. After failed attempts by other consulting firms to execute a repair plan, Certa was engaged to fast track a rehabilitation program to address systemic performance issues with the Association’s building envelope assemblies which had plagued the community for years. Certa worked closely with the Board of Directors to move this project from the planning and budgeting stage, through design, and into construction within three months. The repairs included full replacement of the failed siding assemblies with a new water-managed cladding system, new windows, new roof surfaces, and new balcony and guardrail assemblies.

Completed in the fall of 2017, the rehabilitation of Oswego Bay Condominiums resulted in a dramatic improvement in the overall appearance and performance of the building envelope assemblies that will provide many decades of reliable service while dramatically reducing the maintenance burden that previously weighed on the Association.

Upon completion of the project, Certa also reestablished the Association’s reserve study program to ensure their financial plan accurately reflected these improvements.